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The situations that domestic demand is reduced, payment for goods cannot be easily obtained and production is in trouble exist, I heard that foreign trade is better than domestic trade at present, the key price of foreign trade is higher than that of domestic trade, and payment of goods can be easily obtained; one of my friends became paying members of B2B websites such as Alibaba.com, Made-In-China and Global Sources, the membership fee is very high, the annular fee is RMB 30,000-80,000 Yuan in general, but the effect is not ideal and there is too little trade for so many merchants; he has become the member of the Global Graphite & Carbon Website for two years, the result is good, and it is essential that the annular fee is low, lots of inquiries, information and orders are displayed, enterprise investment is little and the effect can be quickly achieved. Therefore, I join the Global Graphite & Carbon Website; at the beginning, I know nothing; I and other salesmen of our company have skillfully grasped platform operating skills, have learnt about the process of foreign trade and have known the process such as orders, examination, tax reimbursement and check of letters of credit through guidance and training given by pre-sales and after-sales service personnel of the Global Graphite & Carbon Website; an inquiry from Korea for high-purity graphite crucible is received after three months, the total value of the first order is US $100,000, five new customers from America, Australia, India, Russia and Turkey have cooperated with our company after short time and one of the customers is ready to make long-term cooperation with our company. Thanks for the Global Graphite & Carbon Website to create good business opportunities for our company. I believe that our trade will be better and better in the future through the professional platform----Global Graphite & Carbon Website. 2. Contract extension of the Global Graphite & Carbon Website is conducted because the website is reliable. Our company is a large-sized foreign trade company in Shandong Province, and in the end of 2012, our boss agrees to join a foreign trade platform at the annual foreign trade business personnel conference in order to improve the foreign trade sales; after B2B websites such as Alibaba.com, Made-In-China, Global Graphite & Carbon Website and Global Resources are comprehensively compared, we all believe that the Global Graphite & Carbon Website has the highest cost performance because the website is a professional graphite and graphite electrode global trading platform, the amount of information is large, the number of members is large, and the transaction rate is high; in the first month of being the VIP, we sent emails and faxes to abroad enterprises buying graphite electrodes according to previous and latest buy orders on the Global Graphite & Carbon Website, and we received lots of inquiries soon; our first order is from Vietnam for graphite electrodes with the diameter of 350, the customer from Vietnam is one of our biggest customers and imported above 1500 ton graphite electrodes last year, and our company has made long-term cooperation with the customer from Vietnam. The mountain is famous not for its height but for a celestial being, as well as water is famous for a loong in it. Orders received by our company are more and more through the Global Graphite & Carbon Website, our company makes cooperation with customers from Canada, USA, Russia, Italy, Malaysia and other countries, and many customers have bought our products for many times; the 1-year contract is ending, contract extension for two years is conducted ahead of two months after customers whom we cooperated with on the website are comprehensively evaluated, and I hope that our company can develop together with the Global Graphite & Carbon Website in two years and more orders can be obtained through the platform. 3. Thanks for the Global Graphite & Carbon Website to help us to explore the international market. Our company mainly produces carbon brushes. Our product is mainly sold in the domestic market several years ago, and the domestic market is depressed in recent years so that our general manager asks the sales department to explore the international market; I learnt about the Global Graphite & Carbon Website on August 2013 for the first time, and found that many international inquiries are displayed every day so that I counseled by telephone and felt good, I got a phone call from sales personnel in the next day, made an appointment to meet the foreign trade sales personnel out of curiosity, and roughly learnt about the charge conditions of the foreign trade operation mode; I decided to join the Global Graphite & Carbon Website through investigation for a week and our products are normally displayed at the end of August; the foreign trade staff of the Global Graphite & Carbon Website guide us how to obtain the customs export license, to achieve tax reimbursement for export and to obtain the dual-purpose item and technology export license, and explain the process in detail so that many twists and turns are saved and the licenses are obtained soon; the foreign trade sales personnel explain how to send inquiries and samples, to avoid foreign trade risks and to use the letters of credit in detail later so that we become professionals from laymen soon; quality of inquiries on the website is high, professional services are provided, professional suggestions are given to us, foreign trade of our company is developed better and better, and we have found many high-quality customers. On the website, a customer from Indonesia requires for carbon brushes, an email about product difference and quote price is sent by our company, then an inquiry for the carbon brushes is sent to our company, and an order with low value is obtained through communication between the customer and our company; we make contact with the customer and the customer becomes our good cooperation partner all the time due to integrity and good service awareness of our company; now this customer from Indonesia has become our big customer, and orders with high value can be obtained every month so that our sales performance is excellent. 4. The foreign market is further explored through the Global Graphite & Carbon Website. Our company is a graphite beneficiation and deep processing company on the northeast region and mainly produces natural flake graphite, large flake graphite, high-purity graphite and ultra-fine graphite. Our company cooperated with the Global Graphite & Carbon Website at the end of 2011, continuously signed the contract for three years and received good inquiries in three years; we obtain many orders and make long-term cooperation with some customers through hard work of our staff, for example, a customer from USA ordered large flake graphite for many times, a customer from Taiwan ordered high-carbon graphite powder for many times, customers from Korea ordered 50-Mesh large flake graphite for many times and now they are our good friends and regular customers. We hope that we can have more customers, obtain more orders and further explore the foreign market of our company through the Global Graphite & Carbon Website. 5. It proves that my choice is right. I’m a salesman from a largest graphite production enterprise (Qingdao Haida Graphite) in Pingdu Country, Qingdao City and has paid attention to the China Graphite Website for many years; I became the VIP of the English website in my own name in a try attitude in October 2012; every night, I and my wife conduct research on customs data on the China Graphite Website and buy offers on the English website for looking for business opportunities, absorb precious experience and make a conclusion that potential customers of our products are mainly located in Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Turkey and Taiwan; we have obtained many orders from Taiwan, Turkey, USA and Russia according to offers on the China Graphite Website, and one of American customers ordered natural flake graphite produced by our company for many times. Thanks for a good foreign trade platform----the Global Graphite & Carbon Website. Thanks! 6. My experience in foreign trade on the Global Graphite & Carbon Website Our company is a small-sized graphite products manufacturing plant in Qingdao City and mainly produces copper tube dies, flat graphite dies, graphite continuous casting dies, diamond dies, graphite carbon rods, graphite carbon tubes, graphite crystallizers, graphite crucible, graphite launders, graphite shaft sleeves, graphite rotors and graphite sintering. We became the VIP on the English International Edition of the China Graphite Website in 2012 and we believe that quality of inquiries is quite high. Most of customers of our company are from the Global Graphite & Carbon Website (China Graphite Website). I share my success stories with friends as follows: A. A customer from Iran: I saw a graphite product buy offer from Iran on the China Graphite Website on May 19, 2012, and made contact with the customer immediately after knowing that he is the earliest and biggest copper alloy, brass and billet manufacturer in Iran and is our downstream enterprise of our products, I sent an email about parameters in details to the customer after an inquiry is received, he gave a reply at once, gave a sample order to me and negotiated with me again after receiving the sample order, he is satisfied to our products and gave the second and third orders soon, orders are more and more, the quantity is larger and larger, a valuable customer is created for our company through persistent efforts, and a long-term customer is developed for our company. B. A customer fromJordan: I saw a graphite tube buy offer from Jordan on the China Graphite Website (Global Graphite & Carbon Website now) on May 28, 2012, made contact with the customer immediately and directly sent a price list of our products to the customer according to specific requirements after the inquiry is obtained; the customer told us the rough quantity through the email and finally gave me an order through our persistent communication, the value of the first order is US $6,000, and the second order and the third order are given by the customer soon. I’m very excited and a long-term customer is developed for our company. The two customers are only examples. After the member contract ends, our company signs a 3-year contract with the Global Graphite & Carbon Website (original China Graphite Website) and obtains the favorable price. Till June this year, our company has developed long-term customers fromIran,Jordan,Korea,India, the Middle East,Australiaand other countries through the Global Graphite & Carbon Website. Thanks for the Global Graphite & Carbon Website!

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